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Duckham Architecture & Interiors is a Needham based firm specializing in architecture and interior design for custom residences. 

When I founded this firm, I did so with an in-depth understanding of New England's history and a reverence for classical New England architecture. We take great pride in our work and the realtionships we have built with our clients. Brainstorming is the part of the design process that we love most - the synergy that happens when our clients begin to feel like it's their house, and ideas begin to flow. After all, for the short amount of time they get to spend in their homes, we believe our clients deserve a rich, personal environment. 

Although we are not committed to any one style, Duckham Architecture & Interiors builds a timeless homes that focus on richly articulated details with unwavering attention to historical accuracy. We use the highest quality building materials and work relentlessly to integrate the home into its natural environment. One of the highest compliments we can receive is that the new home looks like it had been there forever. Our architecture and interior design are seamless, and although beautiful, truly reflect a comfortable lifestyle.



Our Services

Home additions, renovations, bathroom design, kitchen design, new home design and construction

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Our Process


The principal or project manager consults with the owner to determine the project goals and requirements. Often this determines the scope for the project. The design phase also involves the research of the project, when zoning requirements or restrictions are discovered and addressed. This phase produces a final design, to which the owner agrees after consultation and discussions with the architect. Costs are estimated based on the overall scope of the project. The design phase often produces a basic site plan, floor plan(s), sections, an elevation, and other illustrative materials for the owner to review.

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Our Process

Construction Documents

Once the owner is satisfied with the documents produced during the design phase, the architect moves forward and produces drawings with greater detail. These drawings typically include specifications for construction details and materials required for the contractor to price and build the project. Detailed drawings are also required to obtain a building permit.

Duckahm Wellesley exterior

Our Process

Bidding & Negotiations 

Our team will solicit bids from a list of contractors who we feel are qualified for the project, although the customer can certainly bring their own contractor to bid. The owner, with the help of the architect, evaluates the bids and selects a winning bid. The architect will answer contractor questions to clarify items in the plans or specs, possibly make revisions to the plans or specs, and may negotiate with one or more of the contractors. They will then make recommendations about who can best meet the needs of the clients in terms of quality, cost, and schedule.


Our Process

Construction Observation

The architect’s core responsibility during this phase is to help the contractor to build the project as specified in the construction documents as approved by the owner. Questions may arise on site that require the architect to help with any clarification or specifications.

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